How to use Picsart App in Your Android

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How to use picsart app

Picsart is one of the best photo editing apps that you can find in the android play store and if you want to know how to use Picsart app then this guide is for you with a step by step tutorial as I have been using picsart for past 3 years. picsart is Photoshop of android, we are going to learn how to use picsart in this article and about 8 tools of the picsart. Picsart is an app that can be found in every person’s phone. With over 500M plus downloads and a consistent review of 4.3 stars, it has created a space in the digital world. It is not wrong to say that it is popularly a one in an editing app. It has created a community of its users who think alike so that they can portray their talent and find inspiration. There are weekly challenged uploaded for its users to motivate them and look forward to the world of editing. It has its in-app camera which fails to amaze you at every level. The premium feature of picsart has such lucrative offers with more than 300 filters, cropping, and text over layer, drawing tools, AI-powered photo effects. If used in the right way can create wonders, so let us go to the topic of how to use picsart in an android device. Apart from just editing with picsart it these apps that are linked to it to better your experience including

  • PICSART video maker and editor.
  • PICSRT GIF and stickers.
  • PICSART color and paint.
  • PICSART animated GIF and video animator.

Editing requires patience and experience. You might be the most experienced person right now, but it’s never too late to learn. With the right guidance, you can also edit that first picture f you which you are struggling for months. Must Read: Are you Golf Lover? Then this game is for you Golf Clash hack 2019 Works or not?

You can download picsart app from play store easily

How to use Picsart – Tutorial

Assuming you have downloaded the picsart app from the play store, now open picsart app and you can see signup or skip and after that, you can see a Plus icon at middle of the bottom bar in which you have to tap on it and you will be presented with a list of templates and gallery images to choose like shown in below picture.

How to Use Tools Tab In Picsart

How to use Picsart
How to use Picsart tools

This is the section for adjustments of the image and contains tools like Crop, Free Crop, Shape Crop, Dispersion, Clone, Remove, Stretch, Motion, Selection Curves, Adjust, Enhance. Crop: This section is used to change the width and height of the image. Free Crop: You can use the free crop tool to cut out the background of an image, using your fingertips you can draw a pattern to cut out the image. Shape Crop: The name itself says all as you can cut out the picture in the shape of heart, box, rectangle, star and a lot more. Dispersion: It is used to create a dispersion effect that is splitting the image into small grains. Clone: This tool is used particularly to edit hair or remove the unwanted objects in any image. Remove: This is an automatic background or object removal tool. Stretch: Yet another powerful tool to modify the image components or size of the objects in the image. Motion: Using this tool you can select the specific are and create a motion effect Selection:  Great tool I can say because you can simply select any part in the image and copy or clone the particular part easily. Curves, Adjust, Enhance: All these tools are used to control different aspects of the image like brightness, contrast, hue, lighting, clarity and a lot more, There are a couple more tools like Tilt Shift, Perspective, Resize, Flip/Rotate which have minimal use and common tools that you can find and easy to use.

How to Use FX Tab in Picsart

How to use Picsart
How to use Picsart filters

This is the best section in the picsart that I like with awesome premade filters and effects which includes Sketch, Blur Effects, Artistic Effects, Magic Effects and these are also called as Prisma effects, Pop art effects, Distort Effects, Paper Effects, Colors: In this section, you can replace particular color of the image or object within the image with color of your choice.

How to Use Beauty Tab in Picsart

How to use Picsart
How to use Picsart beauty effects

The name itself says it all as this tab is particularly for the people who like to edit their personal images from changing the color of the eye to hair color change and you also have different types of hairstyles that you can use to replace your current hair within the image.

You can find the tools as follows in Beauty tab in Picsart

  • Auto, this is used to auto-correct your face. Smooth, Used to smoothen your skin.
  • Facefix, this is used to fix your skin tone and gives you a soft glow.
  • Blemish, Ah this is the tool every teenager looking for and loves as it will help you remove any blemishes or pimples easily.
  • Skin Tone, used to change your skin color as you have a lot of color variants available.
  • Detail, can be used to sharpen your eyes and lips.
  • Eye Color, You can select from a wide range of colors and choose the best lens color.
  • Teeth Whitner, Used to whiten your teeth and works pretty well.
  • Reshape, You can change the shape of your face or any other things like nose and ears also.
  • Red Eye, This is a common thing when taking photos with flash as you will get a reddish eye color and this can be removed a single tap with this tool.

How to Use Stickers Tab in Picsart

How to use Picsart
How to use Picsart stickers

This is one of the topmost sections in the picsart app with a lot of stickers from a wide range of categories and you will be having 2 differences in this section which is premium and free stickers as you can almost get lot of stickers for free you don’t have to worry. You can even create your own stickers and save them within the app as well as you can upload to their online library.

How to Use Cut Out Tab in Picsart

How to use Picsart
How to use Picsart magic cut out

This one is used to automatically remove the background of an image and you can save that as either sticker or png file and change the background easily with other images of your choice and this section saves us a lot of time instead of manually cutting.

How to Use Text Tab In Picsart

How to use Picsart
How to use Picsart text

What is fun without adding those beautiful captions for your image as in this section you will be having a variety of fonts that you can choose with a lot of effects like shadow, bending, text border and alignment. You can even choose the opacity of the font and have blending options also to match your image perfectly.    

How to Use Add Photo tab in Picsart

How to use Picsart
How to use Picsart add photos option

This section allows you to add photos within the photo or we can say that you can add different layers in your current pic but there is a limit of 10 photos depending on your current image aspect ratio.

How to Use Fit Section in Picsart

How to use Picsart
How to use Picsart fit section

You can use this section in picsart to fit your image to upload as a profile picture in any of the platforms and you will get a square-shaped image no matter what is your current image ratio.

How to Use Brushes Section in Picsart

How to use Picsart
How to use Picsart brushes

Brushes section in picsart contains a beautiful and magnificent set of pre-made strokes like stars, lights, color effects and a lot more, that you can simply select anyone and swipe on the image where ever you want the effect to apply.

How to Use Border Section in Picsart

How to use Picsart
How to use Picsart borders

It is used to add beautiful borders for your image especially if you are a professional editor image borders play a vital role to attract everyone and you have 3 options to play within this section those are Outer radius, Inner Radius, Radius.

How to Use Mask Section in Picsart

How to use Picsart
How to use Picsart mask in photos

Like the section name itself says it all you can add different types of masks like Bokeh, Border, Texture and artistic to get the look of that cinematic lighting effects.

How to Use Draw Section in Picsart

How to use Picsart
How to use Picsart drawing

This section is more like painting in which you will be having a lot of brush types, erasers and even you can create rectangular, circular and a lot more shapes from the plain color.

How to use Lens Flare in Picsart

How to use Picsart
How to use Picsart lens flares

You have a lot of good collection of lens flares from picsart and the best thing is all of those are free and you can select any one simply by a tap and you can add as many as you want within a single image, trust me you will really love these lens flares.

How to Use Shape Mask section in Picsart

How to use Picsart
How to use Picsart shape mask

In this section, you will be given a lot of shape masks that you can use to create beautiful album images like for weddings as well as if you want to gift anyone a photo with good caption then this section is heaven for you.

How to Use Frames Section in Picsart

How to use Picsart
How to use Picsart frames

You can have beautiful pre-built frames with a single click as you can select a frame of your choice from the picsart library and you have birthday, colorful and love frames come built-in as you can also download a lot more frames from the shop.

How to Use Callouts Section in Picsart

How to use Picsart
How to use Picsart callouts

This section is best for meme creators and comics creators as you will be having a set of different callout styles that you can use within your image and you can type the text of your choice to be shown inside the callout.

Some Tricks and Tips on How to Use Picsart


Adding Effects In Picsart

For beginners on how to use picsart, effects play an important role, it can shape the way you want your picture to be. Picsart has provided you with really cool effects that can enhance your picture. And if that was not enough you can enhance by adding multiple features in your picture.

To do so open picsart and click on effects option, by applying your first effect, select two rectangular intersecting boxes on the top right. This applies to the current filter. Then apply the filter of your desire and when you are done tap on that box. > You may be interested to read: Best Movie Downloading Apps for Mobile

View The Original Image In Picsart

You can view the original image and can understand how many changed you have made. You no longer need to visit the gallery so you now you can just tap and hold the image for new seconds and you can see the difference.

Changing The Intensity Of The Effect In Picsart

You can simply change is to how much power of that effect you want to show in your picture, it will help you get that desired edit and no go too extra.

Use the Blur Effect On The Background Using Picsart

People who don’t own a DSLR, but still want to give that portrait effect on your image, it is one the best feature to enhance your focus.

How to use picsart to create a DSLR like an effect? This is how you can go about it. After clicking on blur you will be choosing between different types of blur like lens blur motion blur, focal, etc. The effect will apply to the whole image and after that, you can use the eraser tool to remove the effect from the area that you do not wish to apply for.

Blending Of Two Images With Picsart

This is one of the trickiest features if used correctly can do wonders on your image. You can select two images and blend them to create a new image. You need to use the background blend mode. On the bottom of the bar lookout for the cutout menu. Now cut out the images. Now go to that add option imagine to find a suitable blend to it. After adding the image you can choose between the different blend modes like screen, overlay, multiply, etc.

Dispersion In Picsart

On the menu, there is an option called dispersion which gives that extra kick to your image, which is basically like providing scattering effect to your selected regain.

Open the tools and select dispersion, now you can draw on the image you want that effect on and you can use different brush sizes to add that little extra effect. Now you can the area getting dispersed, you can also check the intensity of it.

The Curve Line In Picsart

This is one of the most underrated features since people don’t understand the effect of light. Being the most underrated feature it is difficult to use as well.

I’m sure you have always that one picture that would look amazing and stand out if it had a little light to it. Using the general setting you can change the brightness and contrast of the image but that doesn’t give you that kick. This method can be a game-changer with providing spot-on edits.

Using Stickers, Lens Flare in Picsart

These are features that help you go more deep, after getting done with basics. You can add stickers to give that little punk and lenses flare in the absence of sunlight. And frames can give a sold effect to your picture.

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