Truecaller Premium Apk Gold Unlocked Latest Feb 2020

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Truecaller Premium Apk Gold

Truecaller Premium Apk Gold is one of the best apps to manage calls and messages in an android device and almost a lot of people are using truecaller apk as you will be getting good features but if you install Truecaller Premium Apk Gold as you get a lot of features than the normal version with premium and gold version of Truecaller. Personally, i have been using the truecaller premium Apk for more than a year without any issues.

If you are a very busy person and don’t want to waste your time by searching in social media and other websites to find out the unknown numbers that you are getting calls from, it may be a spam call or important call. Truecaller Premium Apk Gold is the best option for you.

Truecaller Free Version Features

Truecaller Free Version Features
Truecaller Free Version Features

Now let us see some of the features of the Truecaller free version as we need to compare it with the features of the premium version of the true caller app.



Smart Messaging in Truecaller Apk

True caller is not only a caller app but also used to chat with friends like a social media app, you get a lot of features like sending images, videos, voice messages. You get the following features while using the messages feature in truecaller.

  • Images Sending: You can send images directly to another truecaller user.
  • Payment: You can even send payments to your friends by connecting your UPI account to the true caller, it can be done with just a few clicks as you do in the google pay app.
  • Video: You can send video clips to your friends along with the images.
  • Contact: You can share other people’s contacts with friends or family for faster saving.
  • Location: For an emergency or for any help you can actually share your live location as well as your current location accurately with your friends and family.

Free Chat with your friends and family members

There is no limitation when you chat with truecaller as you don’t need any SMS plans to send messages to other truecaller customers or users. You can send as many messages as you want. You will be charged not even a penny.

Identify Unknown SMS Automatically

As i have said in the introduction, i know how irritating it is to get calls and messages from unknown numbers especially if you are a girl, you may be getting a couple of unknown calls and messages to your number daily. You just cannot lift the call or reply to text and speak with strangers as it is not at all good. So to avoid this, we got the feature to automatically detect the names and information of the people who send you messages but with Truecalle premium Apk, you can do a lot more.



Automatically block spam and marketing calls

Ah, i know that calls from advertising companies and spammers will always get us into our nerve, we don’t have patience always to lift every call and speak with the people or bots. We have a powerful algorithm in truecaller to automatically detect spam and telemarketing calls and send you a notification along with popup with the information so that you can easily reject or block the call without manually speaking or lifting the call.

Powerfull Dailer in truecaller Apk

The interface and the design of the truecaller dailer are as good as heaven and you have no issues while using the dailer as you even have an awesome functionality to see the details of the number that you have typed in so that you will know whom you are calling if you don’t know.

Identify anyone in the world

Truecaller is international and there are no country limitations as you can find out any number details almost any number i say, Just go to the search box and type in the number and kudos, you have just found the name and basic details of that number and even you can report them if you want.

Call Records and Backup

You will never lose your call log as your call list and log along with messages will be safely backed up to your google drive and this is an optional feature, you can opt-out if you want the list, not to backup. But, trust me you are good to opt-in for backup as it will help you with stolen mobile phones and in case of reset and software issues, you will get all your call logs and contacts again as previously.



Flash Messaging

This is one of the best features that i love in truecaller as this option is very useful if you want the other person or anyone to respond to you immediately, then you can go with this feature as this feature will send the other user attention-drawing notification to get a faster response. The name itself says it all.

Truecaller Premium Apk Features

Truecaller Premium Apk Features
Truecaller Premium Apk Features

As we have seen the features of the Truecaller Free version Apk, let us see the features of the Truecaller premium Apk Gold version. This is the part you are waiting for i know, Don’t worry about the working status of the app as i have tested it personally. Truecaller Premium Apk has got some awesome features as follows.

Who views your Profile

Truecaller premium gives you a notification as well as you have a separate menu to find out the people who have viewed your number in truecaller or viewed your profile. This is the feature that you will be getting in the premium version truecaller apk and one of the best features to find out the stalkers.

View profiles privately

You can now view other’s profiles privately without getting them notified as you can view and stalk as a number of profiles as you want without any issues. This will be helpful to stalk people anonymously.

Premium badge on profile

You will get that authentic badge that you are a pro member or premium member of truecaller, you will even get a blue tick that you’re a verified user. This will make you stand out from the crowd. Feel like a pro and unique person with the true caller premium Apk among millions of people.



30 contact requests a month

With the truecaller premium app you can view or get contact request 30, thi8s feature is limited but with the gold version, you will be having more requests and features along with the flexibility.

No ads

Everyone hates those annoying ads in every app on mobile, but if you are having ads in your caller app then it will really slow down the app as well as mobile. In the Truecaller premium app, you will be having no ads at all.

Features of Truecaller Premium Apk Gold Version

Features of Truecaller Premium Apk Gold Version
Features of Truecaller Premium Apk Gold Version

Truecaller app not only got premium feature bt also gold feature, which is a higher level than the premium version, but it is also like a top subscription of the truecaller.

Gold Caller ID

Stunning gold caller ID, when you call anyone your ID will look awesome with gold look with the rich color and premium look. Trust me you will really love this feature.

High Priority Support

Truecaller is a very popular app and they receive lots of emails and support tickets daily as well as hourly, but among all those, your query and concern may be lost and take a lot of time to get a response from the team of truecaller. But with Truecaller premium Apk Gold you will be having a high priority among other users, You will get your problem solved sooner than normal users.



How to download and Install Truecaller Free Version

How to download and Install Truecaller Free Version
How to download and Install Truecaller Free Version

Let us see how to download the Truecaller free apk.

  1. If you are in the android device, then go to the play store or if you are in PC then click the link provided below.
  2. Now search for truecaller in play store.
  3. Click on install.
  4. Now your app will be downloaded and installed automatically.

How to download and Install Truecaller Premium Apk Gold Version

How to download and Install Truecaller Premium Apk Gold Version
How to download and Install Truecaller Premium Apk Gold Version

First of all, download the Truecaller Premium Apk Gold Version from below Download section and click on install.

  1.  After clicking on install, wait some time. (Uninstall Old or original App That you have in Device)
  2. Assuming that the app installed successfully.
  3. Click on Open.
  4. Now, this is an important step: Don’t log in with google account, log in manually by entering name and email. You will be verified with OTP or call.
  5. Note: To get a call for truecaller it is taking some time so be patient if you are not getting a call then simply press back and again do the same until you get a call. Truecaller will OTP in case of call issues. So wait and enter OTP. I have tested it personally this time.



True Caller Free Version Download Latest

True Caller Free Version Download Latest
True Caller Free Version Download Latest

Here is the download link for the truecaller free version, official link from the play store.

Click Below Link to Download

Google Drive Link

Truecaller Free Version

Truecaller Premium Apk Gold Download

Make sure you read the installation instructions for smoother and hassle-free installation of the truecaller premium Apk Gold. The download link is given to the Gold Version of the app so that you have both Gold features as well as premium features.

(Uninstall Old or original App That you have in Device)

Truecaller Premium Apk Download Latest
Truecaller Premium Apk Download Latest

Click Below Link to Download

Google Drive Link

Truecaller Premium Gold Version

Truecaller Premium ApkGold
Updated OnJan 28 2020
Size 36.4 MB


Truecaller Premium Apk is safe to use?

Yes, Truecaller premium is 100% safe to use as i have tested it and i am also using it along with you guys. So don’t worry about privacy. But keep in mind that some features may not work correctly some times as it is a cracked app. But so far all are working fine as i have checked my self everything, features.

Truecaller App for iOS

Truecaller is also available for iOS and you can easily download the app from the App Store easily. Since only a few people use iOS, Apple devices truecaller don’t want to lose not even one customer and launched the official Truecaller app for iOS devices also.

Download: Truecaller Ios Apk

Truecaller Premium Apk Reviews

Truecaller Premium Apk Reviews
Truecaller Premium Apk Reviews

Truecaller is a very nice app from the utilitarian way. In fact, the addition of ‘value-added’ services like UPI, etc. has added to its value. One sincere suggestion would be, to add a wildcard based call blocking system. Because nowadays spammers are repeatedly calling from similar numbers with a series fashion. I’m already using a third-party app for doing the same, but none have proved to be foolproof. TRUECALLER, PLEASE ADD THIS FEATURE AND I’LL BE A PREMIUM MEMBER FOR LIFE!!!!

I used to love truecaller but now not anymore, it has millions of fake profiles & day by day it’s getting from bad to worse a few examples; 1) No accurate information of the caller & neither location 2) I had a few blocked numbers with their call logs till yesterday I had the details but next morning it got wiped off automatically and I didn’t even touch my phone ??? The name should be changed from Truecaller to Weirdcaller !!!

The app used to identify VOIP numbers and show the caller’s service provider name to verify that the caller is using a real number, not a fake internet number, nowadays it’s just displaying the service provider name as: mobile or other, I hope this issue could be fixed as it’s extremely important for our business.



Pretty darn good 🙂 … Even without the premium version, it’s pretty useful most of the time without being annoying. It’s likable enough have installed on multiple phones and multiple times. Give it a try I would say. 🙈🍀😊

The very helpful app, have been using it for years and has made life much easier. Some add on the free version but can’t expect less, because it’s free. One feature that would be a very nice extra would be to block messages on keywords. Many spammers use different numbers, but they always put certain words in like either their name or ‘insurance’, etc. That feature would definitely make it worth going premium for me.

Truecaller Premium Apk Gold Final Verdict

Truecaller Premium Apk
Truecaller Premium Apk

In 2020, True caller is the app you need to try out if you haven’t. Truecaller is one of the best and useful android app for call management. With the Truecaller Premium Apk Gold Version, you will be having a lot of good features than the free version. Thanks for reading and comment down your queries.

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