Hidden Internet Deep Web And Darknet

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What is deep web and dark net

To know about darknet you have to know about deep web first! Let us divide the article into two categories. What is Deep Web and how to access the deep web? What is Darknet and information about Darknet?

What is deep web and dark net

What are the deep web and darknet

 What is Deep Web and how to access the deep web?

➠The deep web is the “hidden internet” many of the people don’t know about deep web and darknet.

➠The deep web contains 90%-96% of information on the internet and the internet we use today through google, bing, yahoo, etc contains 10%-4% only.

➠But the deep web is not possible to access by normal browsers and surface web crawlers.

➠The deep web contains huge information.

➠The deep web contains 7500 terabytes of information, compared to 19 on the surface web.

➠Public information on the deep web is 400-550 times larger than the commonly defined world wide web.

➠In normal web-only indexed information available, but in the deep web all information is accessible, like if you put a draft on any website like blogger, WordPress, etc still it will be indexed in the deep web, but you can’t see it in the normal web.

➠There will be very much better and more information on the deep web than the surface web.

➠Deep web URLs end with .onion extension EX: alltrickyzone.onion and also normal URLs can be accessed.

The deep web contains the following information

  • Academic Information
  • Medical Records
  • Legal Documents
  • Scientific Reports
  • Subscription information
  • Multilingual Databases
  • Financial Records
  • Government Resources
  • Competitor Websites
  • Organization specific Repositories

Now I hope you guys got an idea about what is the deep web. Now let us see how to access the deep web. As I said above deep web cannot be accessed through normal browsers and websites.

So how to access Deep Web?

⇨You need to install the TOR browser for windows. Download Tor: TOR Browser

➠Installation is easy and you can also find any help needed with installation on download site as well as tips.

➠Always Use proxy while using TOR for your safety, there will be a lot of hackers, scammers on the deep web.

➠You may wonder a lot of internet users are using android smartphones, Not everyone has a PC, so can they access the deep web through their mobile! “Well yes, you can”.

➠Simply download an app called orbot its available in play store and the best part is it’s free to use. But one drawback is the app needs root access in your mobile to work.

➠But don’t worry rooting android devices become easy nowadays.

Just use king root app if your android version is below 6.0.(marshmallow versions are hard to root)

Now First part over and let us see about the darknet.

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What is Darknet and information about Darknet?

➠Darknet is one part of the deep web and can be accessed using the above methods as usual. But its the darkest part in the deep web.

➠Darknet is very dangerous and contains illegal stuff and messing around darknet can get you in jail and results in serious damage.

Information you can find in darknet

  • drug trafficking
  • Private Communications
  • Political Protests
  • Illegal Information
  • Tor encrypted sites
  • Hackers
  • Hitman

➠The most dangerous side of the internet, if you do any deals through darknet definitely you can be caught by police.

➠There are a lot of stories about darknet, how dangerous it is, but just visiting is not a problem, never do any deals or chat or uploads in darknet.

Note: This tutorial is for educational purposes only and we are not responsible for your actions done on deep web or darknet.

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