Running a Fan Page on Facebook / social media | Tips & Tricks

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Facebook fan page tricks and tips

Before we get through my guide, you need to know that our agency deals with social media activities. So if you are interested in the valuation of actions on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn – click the red button below, fill out the form and we will contact you within 24 hours and present optimal solutions.

And now to the point ūüôā

Social media is not a soup from Asia. Social media is a serious marketing player thanks to which you either exist in the minds of the recipients or not. No compromises – you must be visible, your brand must engage, your customers must see you and want to interact with you. Therefore, a Facebook fan page should not be a matter for reflection. A fan page is a must.

How to run a Facebook Fan Page – Contents

  • Be nice, invite
  • Reviews on Facebook – do not hide your head in the sand
  • “Thank you” doesn’t hurt!
  • Expand photo coverage
  • Look for pokes
  • Real-time marketing, i.e. action-response!
  • Turn on automatic reply mode
  • Post distribution schedule is not passed
  • Promote organically
  • Get yourself involved

Effectively, or how?

At this point, one could reach for “Hamlet” and paraphrase one of Shakespeare’s most famous quotes: Facebook or not Facebook?¬†Of course Facebook.¬†However, in Zuckerberg’s social realm, the game is not just about likes.¬†Here, the credibility, quality, communication, and loyalty of our clients and business partners are to be agreed upon.¬†Posts are supposed to rule here, whose task is to intrigue and inspire the recipient.

Not only discussions are to be lively on the company profile, but above all the message Рcontent is not everything. Without video, graphic or animation support, the post will go unnoticed and be quickly scrolled by the user. And we want to avoid it.

“When you talk, you do marketing. When they talk, know that you do it right”¬†– Andy Crestodina

Even better. The first step, which is to set up a brand fan page, gives you ownership of hectares of virtual land, which you will either use and build a trusted community on or leave sterile, condemning your business to failure. The second and next step is a bold journey to content marketing and analytical camping so that the camping makes sense and brings not only profits but satisfies your recipients.
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Fan Page = Inbox

Not a spam folder. Nothing irritates users as much as a series of Facebook posts whose frequency is out of control for brands, e.g. profile updates every 2 hours. Yes, there are such heroes online. Perhaps no one has ever explained to them how their social media should work Рwe will gladly fix this trip by taking over the reins and straightening relations with the recipients. If you would like to improve your fan page, contact our interactive agency and get ready for a social thumbs up.

People who like your Facebook page will appreciate all information if it appears at the optimal frequency, i.e. every 2 days. Optimization, however, depends on the industry your brand represents. If you deal with gastronomy, daily posts will not violate the limits of absurdity, while if you sell pellet stoves, it is worth stopping the fire and publishing the content every 2-3 days. Your recipients expect reliable content as part of a specific dose of information, not superficial and careless leaflets that do not fit in inboxes.

Does fan Page mean fun?

Yes and no. The idea “entertains and teaches” is a bit along the way, but only a little. A fan page is a showcase of every brand and a place where your recipients can like how you act, comment, share materials, respond positively and on the contrary, pouring a bucket of well-deserved (or not) virtual wash.

According to statistics, most transactions are concluded immediately after contact with the company’s social media. So how do you brag instead of complaining and achieving social success on Facebook?

We have prepared a few tricks, thanks to which your notification panel will always be active in red, and your time will shrink adequately to the number of reactions and traffic on the profile, obliging you to contact the recipient and, perhaps, a potential consumer.

Be Nice, Invite.

You are posting.¬†Under him several dozen likes.¬†Well done – that means you have something to say and it’s not shallow gibberish.¬†You build trust, contribute to a micro-community that aspires to be a macro, and engage users.¬†Keep going, but first … expand the list of people who have responded to your content and invite those who have not yet done so to like your page.

You are always inviting from your brand profile and it is a one-time opportunity for each recipient.¬†You don’t lose anything, someone will either accept it or ignore it.¬†About 25% of people accept invitations, increasing the number of fans on your fan page.

What’s more, thanks to the analysis of the list of users who respond to your posts, you are able to specify the group of your recipients and draw conclusions regarding future publications or work on improving your communication strategy.

Facebook Reviews – don’t hide your head in the sand.

Unfortunately, sentences are divided here. Many companies completely abandon the “Reviews” tab because of negative reviews that lower the average and have a negative impact on the brand’s reputation. In contrast, surveys indicate that consumers are more favorable to brands that leave consumers one and five at a time – according to them, this shows their credibility and honest approach to potential customers.

Negative opinions that have been unfairly issued and those that miss the truth are very easy to verify, engaging in a subtle and diplomatic discussion with its author. In addition, such activities often fit into the everyday life of the competition, which is an unflattering way simply wants to defame rivals from the industry – active Facebook users can also capture such tricks, so throw your fears in the bin.

Do not hide your head in the sand Рanswer every review. Show that you care, that you appreciate your consumers, and if you actually made a mistake, because, for example, the cream cake did not have cream or the red T-shirt turned blue, go out with your face and offer customers compensation in the form of a free return, attractive discount or voucher for subsequent purchases. Only in this way will you be a brand that cares about relationships in the minds of consumers.

“Thank you” doesn’t hurt!

Therefore, if someone shares your post, it is worth tagging and thanking you for your activity.¬†They can be short thanks in the form of a text, photo or even a gif, which will certainly increase the engagement on your fan page.¬†This will positively impact your online image and increase your online visibility.¬†What is worth paying attention to?¬†For a company’s communication strategy that matches its character.¬†“Thanks for sheer, @Magda” sounds good as a response from a youth clothing brand, but not necessarily an international financial corporation.

Expand photo range

Each photograph has permission to be egoistic, but only if it is good.¬†If the quality of your photos provokes sad reflection that the session was made with an iron or microwave, and your skills can be enclosed in bitter quotation marks “I am a photographer”, it’s time to invest in a professional photo session, thanks to which Facebook users will pay attention to you.

WARNING!¬†Even two.¬†Do not publish all photos at once, e.g. in the form of a collage.¬†Also, don’t publish a single short – work on the construction of your posts and share several photos in one post.¬†What does this solution bring?¬†Click-through, i.e. automatic extension of organic reach.¬†Each photo affects the overall statistics of the post: its display, as well as reactions or shares.¬†Also, remember not to overdo it with the number of photos – 3 to 6 photos in the post do not hurt, while 20+ already.

Look for poke

And be sure that they won’t unhook you anymore, and that’s what we mean.¬†When running your fan page, you should consider interacting with profiles that are directly or indirectly related to your brand and, by the way, one of the substantive / business authorities in your industry.¬†If you have prepared a valuable post, previously inspired by something that the fan page you are following, tag it!¬†– “@” + profile name is a chance that your post will appear on it and you will increase your visibility and reach the target group.

Real-time marketing, i.e. action-response!

Real-time marketing activities of the brand are like its mirror Рthey show how well it knows its recipients and their potential reactions and expectations. Real-time marketing is a great opportunity to use the latest cultural, sporting or political events or social phenomena to create an engaging advertising message referring to a specific trend.

A great example of the brand’s success and the huge reach of the message can be the 2014 LEGO twit, using selfies taken by Ellen DeGeneres at the Oscars:

Turn on automatic reply mode.

Please note the content of this message. You are limited by 250 characters, so try to write the most universal text that will satisfy your recipient. Users may have a pressing problem, but also a simple request to send some information about the product or the nature of your brand.

To avoid user claims, please write at what times you are available to them and when they can expect contact from your site. Remember to turn off automatic replies during your Facebook activity Рotherwise, your fans/customers/followers will only be annoyed by the number of messages.

Post distribution schedule is not passed

On the contrary!¬†If you don’t like publishing tools and don’t try to optimize your schedule, there is a risk of losing recipients.¬†Why?

Imagine a situation where your brand announces a holiday promotion for 3 days.¬†Let’s assume that you run a travel agency and offer a 30% discount on a two-week all-inclusive trip to Cyprus.¬†Users take the opportunity and book their vacation, but not everyone succeeds and they have a legitimate claim to your company.

Well, you have not set the distribution schedule – despite the specified duration of the promotion in the content, the post can still be displayed in the news after its end, and the recipient at the start is disappointed that he did not make it.

Remember to prioritize promotional campaigns and plan their distribution on Facebook fairly. Set the date and time of publication start and end. In this way, you will avoid unpleasant consequences in the form of dissatisfied customers or unfavorable online reviews.

Promote organically

No. This is not butter. It can be done. If you run several profiles that are thematically playing in the same league, you can promote them to each other, thereby increasing their visibility and reach of individual pages.

Like from the page you run other profiles or profiles your customers are interested in. In the settings, select 3 that will be displayed on your fan page’s home page and gain new users or business partners.

Get yourself involved

Because, as much as you can Рevery day the pages serve us repetitive content, boredom to pain, discouraging users, falling number of followers, one step away from the virtual failure of the brand. That is why your task is to engage recipients.

Your brand should shout, but not too loud.¬†In addition to standard posts, try to design an infographic, reach for creative solutions and inspire your community with a quote by someone who is a kind of guru in your industry, organize competitions, react on a regular basis (real-time marketing) and interact.¬†Don’t ignore your users ‚Äôsite traffic.

It’s all.¬†Ten virtual signposts, which are the most important when it comes to an effective Facebook fan page, although there will certainly be updated.¬†We follow trends on an ongoing basis.¬†In touch!

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FAQ – Frequently asked questions

  1. Price the fan page

Of course, we encourage you to read our article on fan page tricks, but if you do not have time for it or you simply do not want to do it in the world, fill out our brief and we will send the quote within 24 hours.

  1. How to run a Facebook fan page?

Here are some tips: Be nice and invite, be judged – reviews, thank you, search for pokes, turn on automatic reply mode, use the schedule of posting, promote organically.

  1. How much does it cost to run a fan page?

The price of running a fan page depends on several important issues. First of all, the number of posts we have to implement and the advertising budget are important. The price is also influenced by the language of communication and the intensity of the activities.

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